MediaVita attend October’s Typographic Event

As a dedicated committee member of the typographic circle, MediaVita’s creative director (Antony Long) yesterday attended October’s Typographic Event held in Pentagram in London.

The event featured Arnold Schwartzman, the left-handed polymath, who opened up about his multi-faceted life in design & film. Arnold shed highlights from his start-studded career, from Rock & Roll to Royalty, and from the Oscars to the Olympics. The renowned graphic designer, Oscar-winning documetary film director and author was dubbed an Officer of the order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II, and conferred the distinction of Royal Designer.

Another fantastic event held by the Typographic Circle!

SEO Tips and Strategies for 2017 (from the experts)

seo tips 2017

With the increase in online activity, SEO is now more important than ever and can even mean the difference between your business being a success or a failure. Google receives over 57,000 searches per second on any given day (Internet Live Stats), which means that optimizing your site to be more SEO friendly is essential.

But what should I focus on, I hear you ask? Well, after having attended one of the largest (and most trusted) SEO events in London last week delivered by the Web Design Academy, MediaVita have carefully documented the most important SEO takeaways to share with you all. These showcase what are believed to be the most relevant and effective SEO practises in 2017, including some of the biggest recent changes in Google’s ranking factors. Some of the SEO tips are quite logical and expected, but others are true game changers! So if you need some inspiration or some help setting up your current SEO priorities for your website, MediaVita have a handful of useful tips to share!

Google’s New Artificial Intelligence

One of the most important changes to SEO in 2017 is that Google can now recognise patterns in user behaviour through artificial intelligence- search engines can now gain insights as to how people react to your web content and rank your page accordingly. Google is now much better at finding pages that are useful for people, rather than those who are just following an SEO checklist but not fulfilling real people’s needs. For example, if people find your web content useful and click through to other pages on your website and also spend a lot of time on your site, you will rank much higher. Therefore, a concentration on what makes your site engaging and delivering the exact content people want and find useful is very important to get much higher search engine listings.

Content is King

The old saying “Content is King” is still very much alive and well throughout 2017, with 72% of online marketers describing content creation as their most effective SEO tactic. Linking to our previous point on artificial intelligence, it is known that Google and visitors love high-quality content. That means providing real value, answering what people are asking, and not trying to stuff as many keywords as possible in a web page or blog post. It is generally much better to publish higher-quality and longer-form content than it is to publish shorter content more frequently.  A Backlinko report revealed that longer content tends to rank higher. The average first page result on Google contains 1,890 words. (Backlinko, 2016)

And most importantly, provide all the information that people would want to know in order to rank well.

Social Media is Losing Relevance

After all the years thinking Social Media was one of the most important ranking factors and considerations for SEO, it is now easily said that the socials have in fact lost some of their relevance, and are a lot less influential to Google listings in 2017. Google doesn’t have a high degree of trust in social media and therefore does not consider much of its content as worthy of playing a role in deciding ranking positioning.

Although social media may not directly impact Google, it is still essential for your business to have when it comes to building up awareness of your brand and driving traffic to your website. Even though Google cannot read the content written on platforms such as Facebook, by driving people to your website through these social media platforms and therefore generating lots of web sessions, this could indeed show Google that your site is popular and worthy of ranking highly.

Old and Faithful Header Tags

The Google bot constantly checks HTML header tags in order to determine how relevant different content on your site is. Generally, the best practice is to have a single H1 tag per post or page and then multiple H2s and H3s underneath that. Think of it has a hierarchy of importance. The H1 tag is one of your most important headers and should contain your focus keyword. H2’s should be used as section headings (categories for each page), with H3 tags being used for sub sections. In order to rank well for your chosen keyword, these additional headings should also include your keyword or long-tail variations of your keyword. However, it is very important to not abuse headers. One of the biggest mistakes that people still make is simply using H tags as a size guide, instead they should be tagged in terms of relevance in order to help your search engine listings.

Quality Links Rule Over Quantity

In the past, the rule of “get as many links as possible out there” used to work very well and gave websites pretty quick results for those who were willing to spend more than their competitors. However, after Google soon realised that many organisations were cheating the system with paid backlinks, this rule no longer applies. Thanks to updates like Google Penguin, Google now focuses on link quality(not just link quantity). Real quality links are not just important for promoting your website, but for building a good reputation and a name for brand as well. That’s because links from authoritative pages pass more authority (also known as PageRank) to your site. According to Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, high quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search. (Search Engine Watch, 2016)

These are a small number of the SEO practises that we use at MediaVita to improve our client’s Google listings on a daily basis- creating quality, structured and readable web pages. And don’t forget, 70-80% of users usually completely ignore the paid ads on search engines, focusing on the organic results (imFORZA), so SEO will always be important!

If you are interested in the SEO services that we can provide at MediaVita, please call or email us today.

Celebrating 40 years of The Typographic Circle

After all the months of planning from Antony here at MediaVita and the rest of the Typocircle committee, it was great to see everyone come celebrate 40 years of the Typocircle.

We was delighted to join in the celebration of 40 years of the Typocircle. viewing an exhibition of original posters from the last four decades, along with every edition of the Circular publication, and the launch of a limited edition book and the launch of a limited edition book.

Antony from media vita is a committee member of typographic circle, and is happy to chat if you are interested in becoming a member.

Typographic Event

Design in Miniature

Royal Mail


Since Tony Benn and David Gentleman spearheaded the modernisation of British stamp design in the mid-1960s, Royal Mail’s special stamps programme has gone from strength to strength. Working with the best of the British creative industry and collaborating with an array of innovative artists, illustrators and photographers such as Andy Goldsworthy, Nick Park, Lord Snowdon, David Hockney and Axel Scheffler, Royal Mail’s Design Team has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and in the process has successfully created numerous award-winning stamps.

In this evening’s presentation, Head of Design and Editorial Marcus James, and Design Managers Catharine Brandy and Dean Price, will reveal the evolution of the commissioning and design development process – from initial concept to finished design – and share their favourite stamp designs along the way.

The discussion will be chaired by Jim Sutherland of Studio Sutherl&.


Mediavita Attend Typographic Event

Music Made Me Do It!

Studio EMMI

Emmi Salonen’s studio EMMI is graphic design practise, the internationally awarded studio has developed a fast growing client base in the world of Art, Culture and Commerce and Academia. This includes Tate Britain, Somerset House, The Prince’s Foundation and UCLH.

Emmi is the author of the book Common Interest: Documents, and contributes to industry magazines on topics ranging from typography to women in design. As well as designing, she teaches at various universities based in the UK, and regularly lectures across the country. 

 Emmi moved to London in 1996. She has earned past professional stripes in Italy, London and New York , and has had her work widely published and exhibited world wide.

The typographic circle was formed in 1976, to bring people together who has an interest i type and typography. It is an organisation ran entirely by volunteers. A variety of events are staged related to type and typography which includes monthly lectures by well known industry speakers and by the annual New York Type Directors Club Exhibition.

yes we are serious about type, but we are also a very sociable organisation staging enjoyable events.

Antony from media vita is a committee member of typographic circle, and is happy to chat if you are interested in becoming a member.


MV asked to assist the course review for Nottingham Trent University.

At MV we are always looking to help graduates and education. We have been asked to undertaking a course review of our BA in Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University by their course leader.

This review is aimed to evaluate the course to ensure it reflects the new requirements of emerging graduates. MediaVita were honoured to assist in this.

BUY your tickets – Noma Bar at Typo Circle

Illustrator and designer Noma Bar will give the next Typo Circle talk, on November 27

Bar’s work will be familiar to most CR readers as we have kept a close watch on his career to date. Now’s the chance (if you live in London or nearby) to hear him talk about his work as part of the Typo Circle‘s regular lecture series.

Tickets are £10 for members (£6 for student members) or £16 for non-members (£10 student non-members). Buy them here

The talk is at JWT, 1 Knightsbridge Green, London SW1X 7NW, on November 27 at 7pm

KZ Goalkeeping Marketing Campaign goes National!

Great seeing one of our clients going from strength to strength this year. KZ Goalkeeping have pushed ahead with a marketing campaign that has seen them launch a #MV designed website and also become regular advertisers in the UK’s largest and most popular Football Magazine 442. This has also given us in the #MV studio a reason to start buying our favourite childhood magazine once again!!

We look forward to next years campaign and growing the KZ / #MV partnership further.